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Starting Racing

When you start BMX racing we would advise that you start by competing in club races first. These are mini races that are run by the club (other clubs run races too, which you will be welcome to attend).

Regional racing

The next step is Regional racing. They have a novice category which you do not need a race licence for. If you are wanting to race expert you will need a race licence. You can gain one by going on the British Cycling website and searching race licence. To find out more info and get your racing license visit the British Cycling Website  

National racing 

To compete in the nationals you must compete at regional level for one season. Its at this level you will travel across the whole of the UK competing in 8 rounds. (It is strongly recommended that all riders wishing to enter the National Series event have competed in a number of events/coached sessions in advance and are suitably prepared to enter and attend)


The British Champs 

This is the biggest race of the UK season. You will need a race licence and have to compete in 5 rounds of the Summer Regional Series.


European Champs 

This is a one off event once a year, similar to the British Champs only for Europe. (you must be 9 years to compete)


The World Champs 

This is the biggest event for the challenge riders. A one off event once a year anywhere in the World. This is when you realise BMX racing was the correct decision when you raced your first club race many years ago! (you must be 9 years to compete)


The Olympics 

This occurs once every 4 years, the next Olympics will be in July, Paris 2024.


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